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Bosque Recording Co. is an active Albuquerque Recording Company founded in 2018.  We exist to fight for our musicians by providing exciting, excellent, and economical records.  

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Recording, Mixing, and More

Live Recording
Mixing Station


Create and capture your sounds in a terrific room with experienced professionals. You’ll have top-quality equipment handpicked to suit your sound — everything from microphones to outboard processing. Book your Recording session today! The sound in your imagination is at your fingertips.


Looking to bring your raw tracks to life? Schedule your Mixing session and work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound. We’ll collaborate all the way through the mixing process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your audience will enjoy. Contact us to start Mixing today.



And you recorded this in NEW MEXICO?

Bosque Recording Co. is managed and run by Jon Paz, a New Mexico native, producing records professionally for over 5 years. Jon built his chops at Playground Recording in Nashville, recording significant artists and charting hits, before setting out on his own in 2016.
In addition to Jon, Bosque Recording Co. currently utilizes a network of experienced engineers to get you polished results that will leave you thrilled.

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